The Wild Rose & the Yellow

Tune: Wild Rover (traditional)

Words: David Watts 26/01/20

Alberta and Texas are two of a kind

We both have wild roses and both speak our minds

We each have our towers, big oil and stampede

And we’re quick to call “whiners” when others cry “greed.”


And it’s No way, Never! in boom time or war—

We will never roll over, whatever the score.

The wild rose and yellow: we think they are swell

To sport on the sleeve but not in the lapel

We’re Right and we know it, on crime and on guns

And quite eager to show it: how we get things done.



We’re open to neighbours who come from the south

Our gates keep in cattle but not people out

The US and Mexico each are our friends

And before there were borders we let ‘em all in.



We’ve each given our countries a trio of men:

Bennett, Clark and then Harper: Alberta PMs

LBJ, two Bushes were Chiefs from Lone Star

Eisenhower, born there, and Texas has four.


And it’s No way, Never! will we run from a fight—

In Alberta and Texas, or veer from the Right.

There’s birds stuck on tar ponds we’re not keen about

And the Burning Bush fizzled and finally went out.

Birds, Bushes and tar babies give us some pause—

But we keep the oil flowing, no matter what cost.


(repeat preceding chorus)

We know the world’s changing, we want to relate:

Now it’s Spirit and Freedom, Achieve and Create

We’re losing our fondness for branding and war

And women may lead as they once did before.

And someday, maybe: we’ll open our eyes

To the wild rose and yellow, beneath our big skies.