Which Flag is Your Flag?


Tune: Woody Guthrie, “This land is your land”

Chorus & tune to verses: The Brothers-In-Law

Verses here: David W. Watts, written 1965-77

First verse sung as chorus after later verses

Which flag is your flag?

Which flag is my flag?

In the House of Commons

Oh, how they’re bedragg’d!

And as they’re ravin’

The flags are wavin’

Which flag was meant for you and me?

The Royal Canadian Legion said

That it would never back

Any emblem that did not

Contain the Union Jack—

But now the bill is passed

They have promised to defend

A flag designed with the Legion in mind:

Got a bar at either end …

The socialist New Democrats said

That it was such a shame

To argue about a flag when we’d

A country but in name—

Reflecting our economy

The design they would propose:

An American bald eagle

With a beaver in its claws …

Now Newfoundland wants a codfish in

Québec a fleur-de-lis

And you have to throw in Captain Cook

To pacify BC—

There’s little Peter Lougheed

Felt he could improve upon

But the Imperial oil monogram

Would please his brother Don …