Books & Links


Spirit, Ethos, Values (SEV)

Atwood, Margaret, Survival, a thematic guide to Canadian Literature, House of Anansi 1972, reissued 2004, 2012,

Cloutier, Eugène, No Passport, A discovery of Canada, Toronto, Oxford University Press 1968

Das, Satya, The Best Country, Why Canada will Lead the Future, Cambridge Strategies Inc., Edmonton 2002

Dowbiggin, Bruce, The Meaning of Puck, How Hockey Explains Modern Canada, Key Porter Books Limited, Toronto 2008

Ronald, George, ed., In Search of Canada especially opening essay “My Own Dear Land” by Robert Choquette, Reader’s Digest 1971

Matthews, Rupert O, CANADA (north/west/east), Coombe Books 1987

MacLennan, Hugh, The Colour of Canada, A journey across Canada in words and pictures, The Canadian, Illustrated Library, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto 1967

Monk, Lorraine, Canada with Love/Canada avec amour, 1 July 1982, to mark the patriation of the Constitution of Canada and the 115th anniversary of Confederation, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto

Patterson, Heather, I Am Canada, North Winds Press, a division of Scholastic Canada, Toronto 2006

Saul, John Ralston, A Fair Country, Telling Truths about Canada, Penguin Canada, Toronto, 2008

Individual Travel Experiences

Allen, Tom, Rolling Home, A Cross-Canada Railroad Memoir, 2001, Penguin, Toronto

Geddes, Gary, Sailing Home: A Journey through time place and memory, 2010 Harper Collins

Art and photography

Enns, Maureen and Hinz, Roy Works Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont, Jasper 2005

Hallendy, Norman, INUKSUIT, silent messengers of the Arctic, Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver / Toronto 2000

Kraulis, J.A., The Canadian Landscape/Le paysage canadien, Firefly Books, Richmond Hill, Ont. (photography) 2004

Kurelek, William, Kurrelek’s Canada, Pagurian Press, Toronto 1978

Kurelek, William The Last of the Arctic, Pagurian, Toronto 1976

Newlands, Anne, Canadian Paintings, Prints and Drawings, (presents 164 of Canada’s best known artists from across the country, spanning a period from the 17th century to the beginning of the 21st. 2007, Firefly Books, Richmond Hill, Ont.

Silcox, David P., The Group of Seven and Tom Thompson, 2003, Firefly Books, Richmond Hill Ont.

Stewart, Hilary, Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast, 1979, Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver/Toronto

Anecdote, Biography, Individuals and their opinions

Collard, Edgar A., Canadian Yesterdays, 45 remarkable anecdontes by a former editor of the Montreal Gazette. 1963 Longmans Canada Limited. Includes Lady Macdonald’s ride through the Rockies on the cowcatcher of a CP locomotive, Napoleon’s interest in staging a return to power—from Canada!, Sir John A’s British double and 42 others most Canadians, including historians, have never heard of.

MacEwan, Grant, Fifty Mighty Men, (Lacombe, Palliser, Potts, Crowfoot, Maskipitoon and 45 others) Western Producer Prairie Books 1982

MacEwan, Grant, … and mighty women too, stories of notable western Canadian women, (Marie-Anne Lagimodière, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Pauline Johnson, “Granny” Victoria Callihoo, Emily Murphy, Anahareo, Emily Carr & 25 others), Western Producer … Books 1975

Morton, Desmond/Weinfield, Morton, ed., Who Speaks for Canada?, words that shape a country, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto 1998

The land, including conservation, and people(s) – by regions

Berton, Pierre, The Arctic Grail, the quest for the Northwest Passage and the North Pole 1818-1909, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto 1988

Berton, Pierre, The Promised Land, Settling the West 1896-1914, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto 1984

Hugh Durnford, ed., Heritage of Canada, Our Storied Past—and Where to Find It, (591 heritage sites) Reader’s Digest, Montreal 1978

Fraser, Esther, The Canadian Rockies Early travels and explorations, Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton 1969

Hern, Frances, Arctic Explorers, In Search of the Northwest Passage, Altitude Publishing, Canmore 2007

MacEwan, Grant, Entrusted to my care (essays on conservation including “Resources are Not unlimited,” “Multiple Use of Forest Lands,” The North American Campaign Begins,” “Bird Troubles Near Home,” “Give-and-Take in Soil Fertility,” “The Coming Struggle for Water,” “The Air we Breathe” “Sockeye Secrets” and 35 more

Mowat, Farley, Canada North, The Canadian Illustrated Library, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 1967

Tanner, Ogden, The Canadians The Old West, 1977, Time Life Books, Alexandria, Va.

Window(s) in Time, also Laments, Exposées and other issues

Beck, J. M., Pendulum of Power, Canada’s federal elections, esp. last chapter “Twenty-Eighth General Election (June 25, 1969) the first election contested by P. E. Trudeau as Leader of the Liberal Party (“His image has everything”), Prentice-Hall, Scarborough 1968

Bercuson, David Jay, ed., Canada and the Burden of Unity, especially Editor’s Introduction, “Canada’s Burden of Unity,” Macmillan of Canada, Toronto, 1977

Callwood, June, Portrait of Canada, Doubleday, New York, 1981

This is a portrait that not only shows the warts; it embellishes them:

The account ends with Québec‘s 1981 referendum. It spurs us identify what’s happened since—First Nations’ higher profile, effects of the Charter in a perspective that encompasses our regions.

Canadian Historical Readings #7, Minorities, Schools, and Politics, essays by DG Creighton, WL Morton, Ramsay Cook, Manoly Lupul, Marilyn Barber, Margaret Prang, University of Toronto Press 1969

Chafe, JW, Canada Your Country, Ryerson Press, Toronto 1950 This school text came out the year Canadian citizenship was passed in law. The future was imagined in large scale development; pollution was not yet seen as an issue.

Simply written, with clarity that usually avoids bigotry and sets out the claims/issues of French and English settlers, European and North American interests, with balance.

(First Nations do not receive the attention they deserve: a challenge to be faced in discussion. In its strengths and omissions this is a quick survey of Canada’s evolution from Europeans’ arrival until the multicultural society.)

Finnigan, Bryan and Gonick, Cy, Making It: The Canadian Dream, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto 1972

Fraser, Blair, The Search for Identity, Canada: Postwar to Present [1945-1967], Volume Six of the Canadian History Series conceived by Thomas B. Costain, Doubleday Canada, Toronto 1967

Gostick, Ron, Canada Its Glorious Potential … and things I didn’t learn in school…, Wanda Gostick, Flesherton, Ontario 2002

Hurtig, Mel, The Truth about Canada things all Canadians should know about our country, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto 2008

Ignatieff, Michael, The Rights Revolution, CBC Massey Lectures, House of Anansi Press 2000

Kilgour, David, Uneasy Patriots Western Canadians in Confederation, Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton 1988

Mercer, Rich, A Nation Worth Ranting About, Rick Mercer report from across Canada, Doubleday Canada, Toronto, 2002

Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Canada One Hundred 1967-1967, Year Book: a snapshot in the year of the centenary of Confederation

Nordegg, Martin, “The Possibilities of Canada are Truly Great, Memoirs 1906-1924, ed. TD Regehr, MacMillan, Toronto 1971

Richler, Mordecai, Oh Canada! Oh Quebec” requiem for a divided country, 1992, Penguin Books, Toronto

Statistics Canada, Sylvia Ostry, Chief Statistician, Canada 1975, published under authority of the Minister of Industry/Trade/Commerce

Thomsen, Volker, Canada Enroute to Prosperity, Epic Press, Belleville, Ontario 2004

Facts and Figures

John Fisher, The Complete Cross-Canada Quiz & Game Book, by Mr. Canada, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto 1978

Kearney, Mark & Ray, Randy, The Great Canadian Trivia Book, A collection of Compelling Curiosities from Alouette to Zed, Houslow Press, Toronto, 1996

Robins, John D. ed., A Pocketful of CANADA, Collins, Toronto 1948

Segal, Hugh, The Right Balance, Canada’s Conservative Tradition, Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver/Toronto, 2011

Major Surveys and source books

Black, Conrad, Rise to Greatness: the History of Canada from the Vikings to the Present, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto 2014

Careless, J.M.S., and Brown, R. Craig, The Canadians (1867-1967), Toronto, MacMillan of Canada 1967

Coyne, Deborah & Valpy, Michael, To Match a Dream, a practical guide to Canada’s constitution, McClelland & Stewart, Toronto 1998

Hallowell, Gerald, ed., The Oxford Campion to Canadian History, Oxford University Press, Don Mills, Ont. (encyclo – reference) 2004

Lunn, Janet, and Moore, Christopher, The Story of Canada, Key Porter Books 1996

Canada—This Land, These People, A Reader’s Digest Collection (a compendium of RD articles from 1936-1967) Montreal 1968

Reid, JH Stewart, McNaught, Kenneth and Crowe, Harry S, A source-book of Canadian history – selected documents and personal papers,, revised edition, Longmans, Toronto 1964

Transport & Communications

Berton, Pierre, The National Dream and The Last Spike (combined and abridged edition), McClelland and Stewart, Toronto 1974

Raible, Chris, The Power of the Press, The story of early Canadian Printers and Publishers, James Lorimer & Company, Toronto 2007

Stewart, Sandy, From Coast to Coast, A personal history or radio in Canada, CBC Enterprises, Toronto 1985

World View and Canada seen from Afar

Gordon, J. King, ed., Canada’s Role as a Middle Power, papers given at the Banff Conference on World Development, August 1965, The Canadian Institute of International Affairs (CIIA), Toronto

Moon, Robert, I found Canada Abroad, Ryerson Press, Toronto 1957

Pearson, Lester B., Diplomacy in the Nuclear Age including “The Four Faces of Peace” Nobel Peace Prize lecture, S.J. Reginald Saunders and Company Limited, Toronto, 1959