The Connections Series

Being connected to ourselves, each other in community, and to a larger whole of our land, other lands and our planet is a large part of what Kanata is all about. This largely original material is a Canadian Specific resource in 7 selections:

Connnections / Pasages (also in CD available on request)

18 songs/1 poem that treat building railways and search for a Northwest passage as themes of why we’re here. Includes:

Different people who played a part in Canada’s first trans-continental railway: Van Horne, Crowfoot, Rogers, Riel, George Stephen, Ed Baring, Moberly and two Macdonalds

Engineering constructs: Spiral Tunnels, a locomotive series, 2 ships and Standard Time with impact beyond our borders.

And inspirational songs such as “Stand fast, Craigellachie,” “Keep the Passage Open,” and “Canada is Connections” that put local stories and events in a larger field of meaning.

West Coast Connections (7 audio, 5 lyrics, 3 overlapping)

10 song sequel to the preceding selection with emphasis on

Seafarers Quadra, Cook and Vancouver, 2 ships, and the homecoming of ceremonial masks to Alert Bay by water

Governors Blanshard & Douglas, their legacies; a local and international border dispute and 2 railways of local import

A Canadian Connections Sampler (available in audiocassette)

7 songs including “The Ship Titanic,” “The Maple Leaf Together,” “Which flag is your flag?” “Capital Cities of Canada,” “Something to Sing About/Quelque chose à changer,” They all call it Canada/On l’appelle le Canada,” “Le navire Titanic” (audio clips and lyrics both)