The Maple Leaf Together



From mighty empires long ago

Brave explorers set out for lands

To plant the Cross and flag for kings (or sovereigns)

Whose colonies changed hands—

The men and women who they brought

To face the winter weather

Cleared fields and forests where they found

The maple leaf together.

The maple leaf in green and red

Our sign of past endeavour

A commonwealth of future hope

The maple leaf together.


In towns and farms our forebears all

To that heritage held fast

And would not take up arms

To cut off their future from the past—

Chose Peace ahead of Freedom’s call

Refused the links to sever

Though strangers to each other chose

The maple leaf together…


New bonds of steel and trade and law

Bound the east to western shore

Though often taut, refused the strain

And were spared from civil war

Cross language, tribe and Great Divide

We held to that endeavour

A sign for future humankind

The maple leaf together…


Yet two times more, a world at war

Fought on land, in sea and sky

And many from our country went



To serve, and some to die—

But others, just as brave, refused

Enforced enlistment: Never!

‘Tis not by force that best we serve

The maple leaf together.