Sixty songs inspired by individuals, events and quintessential Canadian themes including 10 English/ French translations of well known songs by others, to facilitate their wider use. Most are original, a handful reply to/borrow from troubadours Stan Rogers, Gordon Lightfoot and Gilles Vigneault. More will be translated in time. Some are freestanding. One third were composed for the CD Connections/Passages and are the basis of a 80 page booklet and school program. Click here for more information.

A number are envisaged as the basis of future “Connections” theme CD’s such as “West Coast Connections,” “Atlantic & East Coast Connections,” “French-English Connections,” “North American Connections,” and “Around Hudson Bay.” One half are recorded in some form, and parts of these can be heard on line. Lyrics of others are available. Links will also be established to other sites with compatible songs and themes.


Stand fast, Craigellachie

William Cornelius Van Horne

Rogers Pass

The Railway and the River: Crowfoot

The Benevolent Banker: Revelstoke

Eagle Pass

Riel and the Railway

Lord Mount Stephen

Keep the Passage Open


The E. and N. Railway

Lady McDonald’s Ride

The Canmore Connection

Sanford Fleming

The Spiral Tunnels


Titanic struck the iceberg/Rupert’s hopes went down

The Empress of Britain

The Selkirk Locomotive

Salute to the Princess Patricia

Canada is Connections