Capital Cities of Canada


Words by David W. Watts 24/11/1996

Tune by Paul Runnels: “What will I be”

(Verses at left margin sung to Chorus tune, indented ones to Verse tune)

What are the capital cities of Canada

How many names can you recall?

Ten for the provinces, two for the territories

One for the country overall.

Three queen cities, two on islands:

Charlottetown P-E-I, Victoria B-C

Regina, capital of Saskatchewan

Training camp, home of the RCMP.

Four boys’ names, two with a town-word:

Edmonton Alberta, Fredericton N-B

These inland, but Halifax Nova Scotia and

Saint John’s Newfoundland by the sea.

Five of our names are aboriginal:

Quebec is a city and a province too

Toronto Ontario, “murky-water” Winnipeg

Manitoba, home to Winnie-the-Pooh.

Now there’s a new one, Iqaluit Nunavut

On Baffin Island’s Frobisher Bay. Other

northern capitals are compound:

White-horse Yukon, Yellow-knife N-W-T

Ottawa is capital to all of Canada

A spot on the River with an Indian name:

Say it “Outouais” in French or native, it’s

A national meeting place just the same.

2 compound names, 3 queens, 5 native

and 4 other names for boys or men—

13 Canadian capital cities till we

change the map and start again.