Canadian Variations

Canadian Variations David Watts 27 July 2003


ian venture was John Cabot’s expedition to New Founde Lande in 1497. Financed by the merchants of Bristol under the sponsorship of England’s Henry VII, Cabot was hoping to find the Orient and trade tea, silks and spices.

Habitant & voyageur

in its intended purpose. As a by-product, Cabot’s men discovered cod … This provided not a capital of the kind they’d set out for, but a livelihood—first for English fishermen, then for French, Spanish and Portuguese, lasting almost 500 years.

Mountain & the Valley

n enterprise and livelihood is an important one. First nations in North America developed livelihoods based on fishing, the buffalo hunt or agriculture—cultures that lasted millennia. This was a way of life.

Religion/spirituality (breathe/bind)

speculation, backed by others’ money, and from which one could choose to walk and re-surface to do something else—this was totally foreign to them.