CANADA, COSMIC LINGUA MONDO © David Watts, Kamloops 1998

Canadian Specific ®

ALL English and French are official languages of Canada. The unofficial, unspoken, penetrating language of this land is the language of the wind.

1 Stand on a rock between high water and sky and breathe into the wind—

2 till the cry of the loon, the call of the orca, the howl of the coyote and the honk of the Canada Goose echo in you

3 till the wind within you becomes as the breath without so you do not know what is inside and what is outside, so the inner and outer are as one

1 then you will know the spirit of Canada—

2 what it is to be Kanata

3 Canadien

1+2 Stadacona

3 chez moi

1 chez toi

2 chez lui

3 chez elle

1+2 chez nous

2+3 chez vous

1+3 chez eux

1+2 chez elles

3 —at home

1 at home here

2 with yourself

3 at home with the movement

1 at home with the music

2 at home with the song of the Earth

1 which is home to us all-

1+2 -alL-aLL-