The BC Rail Selloff

 David W. Watts, Lamont AB 2 September 2006

CHORUS Scuttle the investments, escalate the costs

We’ll turn a modest profit into a whopping loss

State enterprise that pays its way musn’t come across

So lay the assets on the block and put them to the toss.

A few years back the BC Rail was doin’ quite OK

But Gordon said “To sell ‘er off, I’ve got to find a way.”

Set a private eye around the clock to tail the CEO

And found him shacked up with a VeeP and said “You have to go.”

500 years or more ago King Henry couldn’t wait

He needed to secure his place as England’s Head of State

Sold off the country’s monasteries, gave them to his friends

Who all filled out their IOUs to back him in the end…

The Tudors and the Campbells, the Henrys and the Gords

You’ve got to watch their money trail, don’t worry ’bout their words

A lie or two is nothing new, but beware with whom ye lay

And if you’re King or Premier, (it’s) the people have to pay.

Accounting ain’t a science it’s really just an art

To know where you’ll end up, you pick the spot you start

Then pull the plug, let flow the gas in a mighty fart

Free Enterprise, that’s how she works: leave it to the mart.

The moral of this story is really plain to tell

If you buy when you invest or build, you can lose out when ye sell

So if you want to make a change no one can turn around

Just sell the house for firewood, and let it all burn down.